(Working title) – A Little Battle With Cancer

On a visit to a specialist about my ongoing sinus problems, I was made aware of nodules growing on my thyroid gland.  Next followed a ultrasound, a guided needle biopsy and a diagnosis of cancer.

The good news was that if you have to have cancer, thyroid cancer is a good one to have.  The cure rate is very good!

I am 62 years old, I have two children in heaven and two on earth.  I believe in and trust Jesus with my life.  My first thoughts, when faced with a problem is “What is the worst that could happen?”  The answer was easy this time.  I could die and go to heaven; be with Jesus and God and our son Jeff.

The harder path is to go on living.

So I have surgery to have my thyroid gland removed, I recovered.  I began thyroid replacement medication that will be life long.  I began the next step of finding an oncologist to do the cancer treatment.

All these things came together, a rather unpleasant process, but bearable.  Everything I experience is affected by Fibromyalgia, and this was no different.  Pain is magnified more, energy is sapped more, low spirits and mental fatigue lurk close by, waiting for me to over do it just a little.

Now, several months, several out of town trips and a week at the farm later, and I am tired.

Update May 2018.

My ‘little battle with cancer has taken on a new life.  When I began having issues with numbness and tingling in my face and right arm, my caregiver told me I had just bought myself an MRI.

I don’t like MRI’S, that long tube makes me cold just to think of being in there, and maybe the power going out, or a fire, and everyone runs away, except me!  Stuck in that cylinder!

Well, I had the MRI, it showed a brain tumor right where it would cause my symptoms.  Within a week we were at University Hospital in Denver, and within days I was scheduled for brain surgery.

Things happened so fast, and now I am home on Chemo|Radiation treatment, struggling with some left side spatial issues, balance problems, fatigue, fibro-fog  AND Chemo Brain!

I’d say life couldn’t get any better, but that would be such a lie.  It can, and I hope and pray that it will.

But if it doesn’t, still I am grateful for all that I have had and that I have.  I choose to trust in my Good heavenly Father and His Good plans for me and those that I love.