Praying With Open Hands

When I was at University, I had a friend who was raised Catholic and became a believer in Christ through an organization on campus that we both attended.  At a weekend retreat we both attended, she shared a concept that she had learned on a Catholic retreat sometime earlier.

It was a simple physical act that exemplified an attitude of the heart towards God: praying with open hands.

When I pray with open hands before me, it signifies that I am not holding anything back from God.

When I pray with open hands, it means that I am ready to receive whatever He sends.

When I pray with open hands, it means that I am ready to let go of whatever He knows will not be best for me and those whom I love.

When I pray with open hands, it means I am open to whatever God wants to do in my life.

Praying with open hands before me is one of the greatest acts of faith I can think of.   Often I would rather clench my fists, holding on to the ones I love, the life I live, but the simple act of opening those fists and laying them open in my lap brings a peace that I cannot explain, but cherish.  Basically it is me saying, “Not my will, but Your will” to God.

Because of His tender mercies and all the times I remember the difficult and seemingly impossible situations that He has figured out for me, and those I love, in the past; I can rest assured that God will do this again.

Lately I have had ample opportunity to “pray with open hands”!  It still isn’t easy, but much easier and more quickly done than when I was in my 20’s.

One of the lovely words in Psalms is ‘Remember’.  When I remember how God has acted for good in the past, I trust Him to do so in my future.


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